Saturday, August 13, 2011

The World Renowned Fashion Weirdoes

In the fashion industry, there are always people dressed weirdly. They spare no efforts to put all colors in them, making themselves more colorful than a palette. As the old saying goes, amateurs watch only for fun while the professionals watch for the knack. In ordinary people’s eyes, these people are just weirdoes who wear a bunch of clothes no normal people would ever dress while some fashion masters may think highly of them. 

Anna Paggi is perhaps the oldest representative of these fashion weirdoes. For decades, she has been maintaining the same blue curly hairstyle, covering a tiny spot of her cheekbones with pink rouge of course keeping her messily complicated multi-layered dress code. In many laymen’s eyes, Anna Paggi seems like a “garbage woman” and they can never understand why she is though thus highly and even got all gold positions in every show of all grand brands.

In addition to Anna Paggi, the other famous old fashion weirdo is Vivienne Westwood, her great contribution to the long-lasting punk fashion with her broken style, graffiti design and irregular cut, which has made many punk lovers go completely crazy. 

Although their style may seem messy and chaotic, they still look great sometime with the conflicted beauty. If ordinary people dress like that, you may think they are totally out of their mind or has no idea about fashion. But when these fashion devils dress like that, they may look very harmonious surprisingly. Take the colors as an example, though the colors on them are both more than three kinds, which go against the color matching code, after some careful analysis, you may find that these conflicting colors are connected to each other in a very natural way. This is perhaps they can still be fashion masters while being fashion weirdoes. 

Speaking of fashion weirdoes, perhaps the first person coming into everyone’s mind is all the same – the one and only Lady Gaga. This lady just never stops to create new weird look. From dresses made in all wire, countless Hello Kitties, multi-layered white cloths and see-through bubbles, plus the ever-changing colorful hairstyles, Lady Gaga has proved to us there is nothing she dares not to wear. 

In the cover shoot for Vogue, Lady Gaga even dresses up as a gentleman. Can you imagine it’s the same person? This fashion weirdo has already tried every weird clothes people can imagine and keeps broaden our imagination with her new weird looks. Though many conservatives cannot take it, is not always being creative the fun of fashion?

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