Friday, August 19, 2011

Have a Shiny Summer Holiday with Dazzling Jewelry Sandals

As the last heat wave around the corner, are you prepared with a pair of totally cool and chic sandals for this last strike in this summer? Now we present you the ultimate weapon of sandals to go through summer in style while fighting against the heat wave – jewelry sandals. Whether they are bling-bling diamonds in a romantic and gorgeous style or turquoises full of ethnic and exotic vibe, jewelry sandals can always make you enjoy the cool summer as well as being dazzling in style with various precious stones in fabulous colors on the simple straps. Here we present you some most dazzling jewelry sandals with extreme extravagance in this summer.

This pair of T-shaped woven sandals in nude pink color is decorated with diamonds in diamond shape, best bringing out the sweet temperament of a young girl. The diamond ring connected with the leather strap reminds people of the gorgeous flower ring goddesses from the ancient Greece wear. You can choose a chiffon skirt in light color to highlight the sweet look to a greater level.

The luxurious round diamonds on this pair of black flip-flops makes sure that you won’t look sloppy or lazy in the womens shoes as well as showing your most feminine style to people. The simple design coupled with extravagant diamonds offer a glamorous elegance in a low key style. If matched with a floral dress, you will definitely look both stunningly graceful and dazzlingly chic at the same time.

This pair of black flip-flops is designed simply based on the most common model of flip-flops with dazzling gold diamonds covering the V-shaped thin straps in great glitz and glamour. With some bright-colored nail polish on, you can easily stand out with your stunningly dazzling look. The simple design of this pair of flip-flops allows you to match them with all kinds of dresses and even simple shirts and shorts, delivering the most stylish you in full glamorous charm. 

This pair of T-shaped sandals in gold of Greek style shows the most fashionable Mediterranean style with glitzy gold attached tightly to the straps, matched perfectly with the gold brown color of the leather. This high-profile model shining in gorgeous luster of gold can make you feel like you are the Egyptian queen. You can match the sandals with even the most ordinary outfit and still look chic in graceful extravagance.

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