Monday, August 15, 2011

Deco High Heels – Essential Highlights for This Summer

Along with the It Girl, It Bag, It Shoes have become the essential highlights on the runways in every season. Shoes are no longer the supporting roles we step under but can be the leading role deciding our whole image. Among the It Shoes, deco high heels are always eye-catching with their highly decorative designs as well as their bright and rich colors in various creative designs. Here we introduce some of the most glamorous models for you.

This pair of Agatha wooden clogs in great color contrast may remind you of Lego toy bricks with its colorful design and unique brick heels. The heels made of three blocks of piled bricks may seem a little unsteady but actually they can firmly hold onto the ground, making walking effortlessly. Plus, the shoe lace design for a pair of high heels is very unique and helps this model stand out even among an extremely big crowd. 

This model of feather high heels from Aguilar is designed as a delicate art work rather than just a pair of shoes. The puffy feather stuck to the nude-colored ankle straps shows best the feminine side of a woman. In addition, the feather is designed in multi-color, which is more individual in style than single-colored feather usually incorporated as decoration for shoes. The cold nude color makes a magical contrast against the warm feather color, delivering a style that is both highly independent and substantially gentle. 

This pair of Miu Miu high heels strikes people with its impression of refreshing style with the color combination of florescent lemon yellow and white, plus the black patent leather, presenting a look that is both sweet and elegant. Additionally, the extremely thin black leather straps with tiny metal buckles on are perfectly chic, creating your own distinctive style. 

This pair of high heels coming from Manish Arora is among the most popular models of the brand. With the dazzling gold decorations in tiny rings as well as large loops around the whole shoe body and along the surface of the insteps, the shoes are definitely eye-catching especially when they are in the sun. The glamorously stunning shadows of various shapes due to the great variety of gold decorations in different designs have the effect of leaving the most unforgettable impression. Plus, the very fashionable peep-toe design is currently very popular, granting the shoes a both stylish and extravagant look in bright royal blue.

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