Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More than Sweetness – Your Best Pink Wedge Shoes

If there is one kind of color that can make girls go crazy, it is definitely pink. If there is one kind of shoes that can provide both beautiful style and effortless comfort, it is definitely wedge shoes. When pink pairs up with wedge shoes, what kind of girl can say no?

This pink peep-toe wedge shoes have the most adorable dumpy look, which is perfectly cute. The smooth pink covering the whole shoes can make your flip at the sight of this model. The thick-bottomed soles in metallic color buffers a little the girlish vibe brought by the all pink color, preventing this model from being too sweet. And the specially designed peep toes are extra large compared with standard models, creating a chic and cute look, thus it increases the cuteness of this model to the top level few other models can ever reach.

This model can actually make girls scream with its quiet and compliant look, which reminds you instantly of a most adorable neighbor girl once you set your eyes on them. The crossed wide strap design offer a perfectly gentle look, coupled with all-natural woven wedges, this pair is definitely not the choice for tomboys but true ladylike little princesses who would fancy themselves treating her guests in the castle with the elegant and courteous manners.

This model may remind you of a raised type of ballet flats in some way. Still they are not as sweet as the other models above, which present you a great alternative option if you just are not the kind of girl who likes to be too girlish. This model’s lacquer leather design grants it a shiny look that is totally elegant. With the contrast of thick bottoms and thin straps, this model present an enigmatically seemingly incompatible vibe that may confuse you a little until you find out that it is part of its unique style.

This model offers two kinds of pink in different levels of shades. The strap part is in light pink, which grants it a sweet but low-key image while the sole bottom is designed in a darker kind of pink, which can easily catch people’s eyes and attract mote attention. The crossed strap design is always as classic as simple, coupled with the peep-toe design, offering a sweet but still not too high-profile image that attracts sufficient attention but never too much.

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