Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From 16 to 60 – Dressing Tips for Standard Types of Outfits from the French Best Dressed Lady

Inès de la Fressange, the French veteran supermodel is widely recognized as the French best dressed lady. For decades, she has always shown the world the great elegance in true Parisian style. Recently, Inès disclosed all her dressing secrets in a book called Woman of Paris and explained her tips and recommendations with her own 17-year-old daughter demonstrating the dressing codes with basic types of outfits. With the next season around the corner, you may find these tips from Inès most practical and valuable. From her 17-year-old daughter’s looks, we find that the essence of dressing up has nothing to do with age.

The best thing about basic types lies in their variability. With these outfits that match with everything, we always become lost in the wide options to choose. Luckily, we have got Inès, who has gone through all phases of fashion by being a supermodel, a designer and a Roger Vivier spokesperson over 30 years. Classic and trend can never escape her sharp eyes and therefore she creates her own philosophy of fashion. And this lady who ruled the fashion industry when she was young is not afraid of admitting getting old now and she claims that being old is a fact but the most important is the harmony of a person from the inside out. Now let’s check out the dressing tips this fabulous lady offer to us in her daughter’s demonstration and you will understand fashion is really not about age. 

Inès suggests that trench coat, jeans and casual womens shoes are the basic types in a woman’s closet and they are so simple and convenient that fit everyone. But to wear a trench coat in elegance, you should aim for your own rocking style instead of dressing them covering over a long dress, which may make you look like a dull tower. 

According to Inès, boyish look can never go wrong with girls who are pursuing their own unique styles in a casual, chic and comfortable way. You can look as handsome as a boy while retaining the feminine elegance. 

In Inès’ eyes, if she can only keep one piece of garment, she will choose white jeans because all fashion roads lead to them and they go with everything with perfect elegance and style, showing your best side and best figure whether you are 16 or 60.

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