Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Girl Next Door to Royal Princess – a Review on Anne Hathaway’s Classic Look

With a bright smile on the face and the elegant temperament shown from inside, plus a tinge of naughty cuteness, Anne Hathaway is widely credited as “the combination of Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn”. Since her successful transformation in the movie The Princess Diaries, which can be regarded as the greatest breakthrough of Anne Hathaway’s performing career, her noble interpretation of a royal princess has not only promoted her position as a Hollywood actress but also made her one of the most noticeable fashion icons.

Today, Anne Hathaway has become one of hottest Hollywood actresses and successfully landed the role of spokesperson for both top-line brands Valentino and Armani Privé. But at the early stage of Anne Hathaway’s performing career, she always acted as a simple girl next door but she had turned into a chic and fashionable lady since she starred in The Devil Wears Prada. And her following movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Rachel's Wedding and the latest film of One Day have all made her hotter and hotter in Hollywood. Besides, her stylish red-carpet look also helps her in moving closer to her peak of career. Every change she has made is exhilarating. Now let’s take a review at how she grows from a girl next to door to today’s Hollywood super star. 

In 1999, Anne Hathaway dressed in a super ordinary girl-next-door style. Who would think this naive girl will turn out a top-line Hollywood star? 

At the premiere of Passion and Speed ​​2 in 2003, Hathaway still looked like a girl next door but started to try dressing in style a little bit by matching a piece of tube blouse with long white pants. 

In March, 2004, Anne Hathaway dressed in a pink printing dress to go with casual jeans, presenting a young and girlish style to us. 

This red and white printed dress can be regarded as a fashion breakout in Hathaway’s dressing style and be marked as the initial step towards her glorious transformation. 

At the TONY Awards of 2005, Anne Hathaway stuns the whole crowd in this long gown with complex design and perfect printing patterns. 

Elegant black lace tube dress can help Anne Hathaway deliver her most elegant side in totally feminine style. 

At the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada in France Anne Hathaway chose a little black dress with eye-catching gold bow waist belt, looking stylishly graceful.

In this gorgeous dark red gown from Marchesa, Hathaway fully demonstrates the glamorous style of a top Hollywood actress.

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