Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Shoe Fanatic Suri Cruise with Over 130 Pairs of Shoes

Suri Cruise could be counted as one of the most famous children in the world. As the daughter of top Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, she has been the favorite fashion baby in the industry. Since she was three, Suri has been spotted shopping with mom in tiny stilettos. In a few years, Suri has owned a great number of customized designer children’s shoes. Recently, an American media reports that this five-year-old girl boasts over 130 pairs of shoes that cost a total of $150,000.

Little Suri was spotted dressing up all in pink walking in the streets of New York in March this year and the pink Ugg snow boots she wore to match the outfit are worth $ 110.

Blue sandals coupled with purple satin, the shoes look tiny and unique with strap and flower designs and totally bring out Suri’s little lady-like style. 

Not many five-year-old know any thing about stiletto, let alone wearing them. But that is obviously not our little star Suri’s case. Suri is often spotted stepping on high heels in many street shots. Though many media criticize about that, Katie insists to let little Suri wear stilettos and even list high heels as the prerequisite when she asks designers to design shoes for Suri. Katie told the media, “Like every little girl, she (Suri) is so fond of stilettos.”

On the shooting scene of the movie Knight and Day, little Suri came to visit daddy in a pair of golden stilettos, matched perfectly with her green floral dress.

Suri was spotted playing in the central park with a pair of rarely seen light purple flats, showing out best the tender and sweet temperament of a girl. 

Although Suri are often spotted wearing high heels in the streets, many of her flats also have once made a great impression. People rarely find that she would wear the same shoes for the second time.

The lace jean flats are designed by Marc Jacobs in a refreshingly simple style, matched with a light pink dress, offering people an image of sweet girl as if coming out of the Alice in Wonderland.

And the floral flats in various colors are so girlish and ladylike that no girl can resist.

Recently Katie announced to the media that Suri may become an actress when she was older. With such fashionable taste for a five-year-old, we have every reason to believe Suri Cruise will definitely make a most stylish star when she grows up.

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