Saturday, August 13, 2011

Go LOHAS with Skechers BOBS This Summer

Have you ever wondered wonder whether there is a pair of womens shoes that can not only meet your demand for beauty as well as comfort but also satisfy your inner expectations of a casually free style, forthright sincerity and even goodwill? BOBS series of leisure shoes under the brand of Skechers will definitely overthrow your original definition of womens shoes and make you experience an extraordinary journey in LOHAS, which stands for lifestyles of health and sustainability.

BOBS series suggests the currently most popular lifestyle of LOHAS and low-carbon from its exterior looks to the internal designs. Inherited with the tradition of airy and comfortable cotton fabric used in standard canvas shoes as well as the soft and tough skid proof soles, the shoes make sure that you can have the most comfortable experience while wearing them. Simple design of flowing lines reflect the fresh and natural trait of the shoes, coupled with the choices of bright and rich colors, adding a tinge of perky feeling and adorably cute fun. Whether you are going out in the relaxing weekend or walking to work on hectic working days, BOBS is never the wrong choice and is undoubtedly among the hottest single items with their go-with-all look. No wonder they frequent the street shots of Western stars this year, including Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Agyness Deyn, Kristen Stewart and many other fabulous celebrities. 

The magic charm and the great popularity of BOBS series of leisure shoes not only lies in the shoes themselves, but more importantly come from the charity launched by Skechers. No matter where you are on this earth, as long as you buy a pair of BOBS womens shoes, Skechers will donate a pair of shoes to the poor and needed children. Who can say no to this loving action that is both simple and practical? 

“LOHAS, low-carbon and light” is the slogan of Skechers BOBS leisure shoes and they indeed bring us the lifestyle of health and sustainability by incorporating the most developed materials that are both low-carbon and light, not only better protecting our environment but also making our walking more comfortable and effortless. Plus, the meaningful charity Skechers holds make this pair of womens shoes the perfect combination that fulfill every desire you are hoping for both outside chic look and inside loving nature. So come and join us to have a stylish and loving summer this year with a pair of Skechers BOBS.

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