Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emma Watson Shoots for Bazaar August Cover, Showing Her Black and White Sides

With the Harry Potter 7 put on around the world, its three leading characters have become the center of attention again, especially for the Hollywood newest IT Girl Emma Watson. Recently, Emma Watsons was invited to shoot for the August cover of the British version of Bazaar. With a double look of both white and black sides, this shoot presents us double sides of Emma Watson – whether she is the good compliant Hermione or that little wicked witch. One thing is for sure, Emma Watson is facing a most wonderful future ahead of her, this smart, confident and beautiful girl has already proved to the whole world that she can have whatever life she wants with a great series of news nearly as magnificent as the Harry Potter series. 

In the photos Emma shoots for Bazaar, she presents the best of her both sides in the aid from fabulous clothes from Emilio Pucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Versace and other big brands, providing her unique Emma style for the whole world. 

This dreamy photo offers a magically enigmatic image of Emma Watson. With the natural light combines with some glittering accessories, everything looks so beautiful in a perfectly peaceful and dreamy way. Surrounded by the greenery, Emma herself is rapidly growing, too. As the girl is actually at the turning point of her life, her presence and future are both dreamy in a great way. We have every reason to believe whatever direction this girl chooses to head for, she will be on a dreamy journey. 

Coupled with Emma Watson’s cropped air, this tightly fit dress made of completely lace brings out the most confident Emma inside of her. This refreshing look reminds you that this little girl is at an age where anything can be possible. In addition, the little witch has been working some magic on herself to turn into a mature, elegant and delicate woman that has already her own lifestyle. Though looking rebellious in the black and see-through lace dress, the photo definitely does not strike us with the impression of a bad girl, but just a teenage girl who tries to grow up and turn into a beautiful and confident woman in her own way. This kind of attitude is exactly what makes us fall in love with Emma Watson despite her past identity of Hermione.

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