Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally – Lady Gaga on the List of Worst Dressed Stars

Celebrities are generally dressed in glitz and glamour all the time, but occasionally they will also make some fashion faux pas by wearing some lousy dresses accidentally or intentionally for one special Lady Gaga. Now let’s check out the list of the worst dressed stars for this week and Lady Gaga finally gets on the list though we still wonder how she does not top the list.

R & B singer Rihanna was spotted on the street of New York dressed like a hip-hop boy in a white Cushnie Et Ochs dress which trails a redundant tail behind matched with a baseball cap askew on head and a pair of canvas womens shoes

Eve Marcille attended the HTC Status event this week and crept everyone out by choosing this extremely ugly dress that will certainly upset ordinary people and even scare little kids. 

Lady Gaga has eventually made this list officially with her shocking mix and match of black plastic and net mesh dress, which is certainly not enough for this fashion weirdo that she wraps her whole face with black lace while holding a LV lace fan and carrying a Chanel box. 

Melissa George attends a fashion event in a white silk dress which strikes people with the impression of more likely pajamas for a slumber party. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones had a beach walk this week in a long dress down to ankles with printing patterns, coupled with a wide-brimmed hat. But the whole look has no trace of fashion but only reminds people of a colorful peacock. 

Solange Knowles chooses color contrast of an orange blouse and a pair of purple sandals for her walk in the streets of London. But why choosing this loose blouse that has no shape at all and covers her whole figure completely? 

This look of Marisa Tomei is a typical housewife style of the 1950s in a dress with stitching patterns and a cotton shopping bag in the hand. You can see not a tiny bit of star sparks in this look. 

Although plaid is one of the most popular elements this year Patricia Arquette made the wrong choice by mixing orange and pink plaid patterns as well as wasting them over a white dress. 

Demi Lovato even dresses down than an ordinary teenager in a sporty black T-shirt with white letters on coupled with short leather pants and a black hat in a too low-key style.

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