Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stylish High-Top Canvas Shoes – the Must-Have Fashion Items You Cannot Miss

Canvas shoes can be called the necessary fashion items that any fashion girl must have in their clothes matching. Among those stylish models of canvas shoes, the high-top kind of canvas shoes has held a high position that no other kinds can top. If you want to be the stylish girls that own the most delicate fashion tastes, you should check out these four models of chic high-top canvas shoes we pick out for you. 

This model of high-top canvas shoes designed with simple people figures can deliver your unique fashion style in total elegance. The hand-painted style is both artistic and casual, coupled with the both girlish and elegant high top design, showing best your most stylish side to the whole world. Plus, the light baby blue color is always one of the favorite colors of girls. This model makes a great choice for elegant ladies, especially those artist-typed girls. 

This model of hand-painted high-top shoes strikes people with a strong visual shock with its bright colors and the pattern of English flag. The punk style full of the British street elements makes this model the most chic model that is well received among most girls. Plus, the pattern of national flag is always classic and all-time popular. Whether you are a British lady or not, this pair of flag patterned canvas shoes will be the choice that will never disappoint you in its chic style. 

This pair of plaid high-top canvas shoes is designed in a chic and simple style to show your elegant taste of fashion. And design of plaid patterns is super cool, offering you an airy proof that is highly resistant against long-time wearing. This model will definitely makes a great match with casual jeans. The classic model in black and red plaid design is super chic in a both stylish and elegant style. 

Black and gold is always a classic color combination that many boys love a lot, but for many girls, this color combination is also gorgeous in look. The extravagance delivered through gold and the enigmatic sexiness delivered through black will offer you both glamorous sides. Besides, black colored bottoms make the shoes more wearable for a long time to come. And you can wear them on any occasion, including daily walking to school or work, shopping at the weekends and tripping on the holidays.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leopard-Patterned Rivet Strap High-Top Canvas Shoes

With summer nearly passed by entirely and the autumn coming soon, leopard pattern will be popular again, sweeping the market in designs of clothes and accessories such as handbags and even cheap shoes. Here we present you a model of leopard-patterned canvas cheap shoes in design of high top and platforms with chic leather straps dotted with the currently most popular rivets. With this pair of high-top platform canvas cheap shoes in leopard patterns on this autumn, you will definitely go through an autumn in perfectly chic style smoothly. 

This model of canvas cheap shoes incorporates some of the most popular fashion elements that are at the top trend line, including the leopard pattern, which fits best in cool autumn and will keep you warm in style throughout this autumn. In addition, the double leather straps with metal buckle and chic rivets on are totally unique and bring out your own independent style with perfect grace. 

The high-top design of this pair of canvas cheap shoes is generally the favorite type of girls. And the best bonus of canvas cheap shoes is the shoelaces that can be designed at your will in various styles to suit your look and match your dress code. In addition, the chic leather straps with shiny rivets are totally eye-catching with gorgeous luster in full elegance, coupled with the glittery metal buckle, delivering the most dazzling luster in this bleak autumn and therefore boosting your mood considerably. 

Plus, unlike traditional high-top canvas cheap shoes, which are generally flat shoes types. This model of leopard-patterned high-top canvas cheap shoes is designed in platforms, which are extremely chic with simple lines on. Imported from South Korea, this model of high-top canvas cheap shoes is great for tiny-statured girls with the stylish platform soles which will make you look tall as well as walk comfortably and effortlessly. 

This model of high-top canvas cheap shoes is available in two types of leopard patterns. One is the black and white kind, which will remind you of the patterns of a cow – making you look both chic and cute with its adorable patterns. And the black and white color is absolutely elegant that fits any girl pursuing chic and graceful style. The other type of this model is designed in the typical leopard pattern in its original color. Plus, the leather straps are in the original leather color instead of white in the other model, which makes this pair of canvas cheap shoes wilder in its style.

Spotted on the Scene of Gossip Girls – Queen B VS Queen S

The shooting of the new season of Gossip Girl is in full swing and the most attraction that draws the media attention is the look of Queen B and Queen S. Though Leighton Meester showed up in luxuriously extravagant look in her typical style of Blair Waldorf, Blake Lively still continued her daily style that shows her sexiness best and the sequined bare-midriff is great highlight of her whole look. 

In the Season 5 of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester’s queen style in the Upper East Side of New York as Blair Waldorf shows out her gorgeous look and elegant temperament with her printed blouse with flower patters. And the handbag with large bow design and thin leather strap shows best her ladylike style in full grace. Plus, the green color matches with the whole look, impressing people with a refreshing style with perfect elegance. 

This printed blouse can show her feminine style best as well as bring out her sexy style with the contrast of multiple floral colors and black lines. Leighton Meester chose a pair of loose pants in the color of Khaki in design of wide bottoms to match the floral blouse. This kind of dress code which is tight in the upper part and wide in the lower part can deliver best both her perfect figure and great temperament, showing out both her sides of sexiness and elegance. 

Blake Lively walks while checking her messages – might they from the Mr. Hottie? Blake is obviously enjoying her romantic relationship in recent days and their frequent street snapshots with Leonardo seem to have declared to the public their sweet romance. This bare-midriff of Serena from the drama is very eye-catching. Renowned around the world for her sexy style, the Queen S seems to have a more and more similar style in her fashion with Blake Lively herself.

How can the fashion queen Serena of the Upper East Side of New York miss the most popular trailing dress in this season? Her simple shirt coupled with sequined dress makes a leisure style that also brings out the sexiness of Blake Lively. In addition, the pair of flip-flops adds more casual feelings to her whole look. The sequined design of the dress leaves people a sleek and dazzling impression, making her look gorgeous and smoking hot in perfect style.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

V Festival – the Most Star-Studded Music Festival

The world-renowned annual V Festival Festival was held as usual from 21 to 22 August in the town of Chelmsford, England. Many big name stars have attended this sensational music event, including the famous rapper Eminem and pop diva Rihanna, who jointed hands to put on the initial show on the first day of the music festival. Let all the other stylish things aside, the clothes these fashionable stars wear are enough to catch your eyes and attract your full attention. 

Billie Piper chose a pair of light pink dress to match with her black leather jacket and leopard-patterned leisure cheap shoes, bringing out the perfect combination of women’s gentleness and men’s toughness. 

Cara Delevingne’s khaki-colored parka from Burberry Brit and her blue framed sunglasses make her look absolutely chic with a pair of tight jeans pants and a pair of classic sneakers from Reebox. 

Violent Cutie Chloe Moretz from the movie Kick-Ass dressed in a plaid shirt in boys’ style, coupled with black tight shorts and a pair of black motorcycle womens boots, looking both adorable and chic in a totally funky way. 

Douglas Booth strikes people with his handsome look, leaving people with an unforgettable impression of a most stylish boy by choosing a gray shirt with little dots and a pair of denim pants. The leather sneakers in the color of khaki made him a prince-like look with a bit of country style. 

Different from Douglas’ boy style, David Gandy aimed for dressing in men’s style with a shirt in earthy tone over a black vest matched with a pair of casual jeans and chic fedoras. His whole look makes him a gentleman that is both mature and attractive in many ways. 

Fashion blogger Bip Ling looks in a completely chic style with white and red squared shirt and a pair of washed denim shorts as well as a pair of khaki-colored Timberland womens boots. You can find all the currently most popular fashion elements in her look. 

Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith make a cute match in their own styles. Matt’s dark blue T-shirt with hand-painted head delivers a casual but artistic style in totally free spirit. Daisy’s choice of a brown shirt designed with vertical stripes and a pair of black leather womens boots in a boyish style that is both funky and chic in the most popular neutral way.

Haute Couture Inspired by Aliens and Science Fiction

Since the mid-20th century, a huge wave of space race has started and human has begun all kinds of studies into the sky overhead, especially on the fashion and clothes inspired by the space. In fact, in the 1960s, fashion was define in its most essential meaning as using some latex or other futuristic materials to carry out the exploration of the outer space.

Recently, high fashion and haute couture has welcomed a new comeback of the sci-fi era. As one of the pioneers in this fashion of science fiction, the late genius designer Alexander McQueen joined with fashion weirdo Lady Gaga and Disney animated film “John Carter on the Mars”, inspiring lots of designs in haute couture. Now, let’s look at the fashion show that is inspired by the aliens and science fiction in the visual effects. 

Jane Fonda played an important role of Barbarella in the futuristic movie about space adventure “Space Heroine Barbarella”, which was about the planet of Lythium in 1967. Jane Fonda’s husband Roger Vadim was the director of the whole movie, which was adapted from the comic book of Jean-Claude Forest. 

In the 60s and the 70s, Pierre Cardin was featured in its style inspired by the outer space. In the 1970 spring and summer fashion show of haute couture, the clothes these two models wore showed best the futuristic look in avant-garde style. 

In the fashion industry, there is always a cycle of seven years. This year, the futuristic styled haute couture is revived again. At the London Fashion Week for the spring and summer this year, the fashion designer Christopher Kane claimed that his works were inspired by inspired by Planet of the Apes. 

Reese Witherspoon dressed in a silver Rodarte dress at the premiere of “VS Aliens”. The designer of this dress from the brand of Rodarte is the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. They have always been the queens on the fashion stage. This little dress is inspired by the Milky Way in designs and fabrics. 

In the London Fashion Week of 2010 Spring and Summer, on the fashion show of Louise Goldin, a model dressed in a whole piece of garment that is both chic and stylish inspired by the outer space and that is adapted by a piece of gold armor in a very avant-garde style.


Politics in Fashion

They are the top leaders in the world of politics; they have powerful sovereign rights; they are first ladies – the French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, British Prime Minister Lady Samantha Cameron and so on. Robb Young recently published a book called Female Politicians and Fashion. In this book, Robb Young invited the fashion illustrator Charlotte Hoyle, the Creative Director Simon Doonan of Barneys boutique in New York, famous stylist Nicola Formichetti, Ruth Chapman from the Matches and the fashion editor Miranda Almond for the British version of Vogue magazine joint to design a series of illustrations of first ladies wearing chic clothes from 2011 spring and summer.

In the series of illustrations, first ladies or the female politicians put on chic clothes in various styles. This series of fashion illustrations has shown the fun side of these high-ranking female politicians by the illustrators. As the first ladies of this new generation, these most powerful women such as British princess, French Prime Minister Lady and even the United States first lady’s styles are not limited to boring and dull basic-colored suits any longer. As Robb Young has predicted, if these female politicians can choose chic and fashionable styles, this would not only shorten the distance between them and ordinary people but also make them see more genial. Now, let's take a look at these fashion illustrations of these fabulous women politicians. 

Sarah Palin – for the former U.S. vice-presidential candidate, the fashion editor of British version of Vogue chooses an overcoat from Christopher Kane.

The French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s look is designed by Sarah Lerfel, the buyer and creative director from the Colette boutique of Paris. This chic most powerful French lady wears a dress from Stella McCartney and a pair of flat womens shoes from Charlotte Olympia. 

Jordan Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s look is designed by Ruth Chapman and the partner of largest boutique of London – Matches. Dressed in a pair of nude-colored high heels from Alexander McQueen, matched with a handbag from the same brand, the royal queen looks absolutely stunning. 

This look of American first lady Michelle Obama is designed by Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini, the partner and buyer of the fashion boutique Kirna Zabête. The dress from Proenza Schouler, high heels from Alexander Wang and bracelet as well as handbag from Anndra Neen make this fabulous lady look even more glamorous.


The Most Dazzling Families in the Fashion Industry

Can fashion tastes be inheritable? Take a close look at the fashion industry in Hollywood, you can easily find many celebrity families so abundant in fabulous stars that every brother or sister is a super star you can recognize. Now let’s a review at all these fashion families including the Guinnesses, the Dellals, the Brandolini d'Addas and the gorgeous Jaggers. 

The women of three generations of Missoni have created today’s Missoni. Rosita is the originator of Missoni; her daughter Angela is the company's creative director and Angela's daughter Margherita recently designed her own jewelry line. In the 2010 Spring and Autumn Missoni commercial, these three fabulous women took apart together with the master photographer Jeurgen Teller shooting for them. 

Brazilian supermodel Andrea Dellal and her sister Christina are the most popular supermodels in the 1970s. In the summer commercial for the 2011 Missoni, they showed up together. Her daughter Charlotte Dellal launched the shoe brand of Charlotte Olympia, which has been always popular among customers. In addition, Alice Dellal is supermodel who frequents the London fashion runways. 

The twin sisters from the German family of Felder went to the Central Saint Martins College together and they have launched the brander of Felder Felder together, which is a fabulous brand popular among celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Florence Welch, Alison Mosshart and other stars. 

The Brandolini d'Adda family originates from the Italian royal family and the whole family is one of the most charismatic families in Europe. Georgina Brandolini had been the manager of public relations for Valentino before she launched the brand of Balmain. Meanwhile, she is also the charger of Oscar de la Renta. Her daughter Coco and Bianca also have inherited the fashion gene – Bianca often shows up at the fashion show front row and plays the role of Muse for Giambattista Valli. Coco is also a designer who has been working with de la Renta, Nina Ricci and Bottega Veneta. 

The Guinness family is a well-known fashion family for their distinctive brand. Gloria Guinness is the prototype of Truman Capote’s Swan. And her daughter Dolores is a famous Givenchy fan and a great friend of Mrs Bryan Guinness Diana Mitford as well as the great granddaughter of Hubert de Givenchy. Jasmine Guinness is a model for Chanel and Dior while Lulu Guinness is the famous handbag designer. And Daphne Guinness is a collector of haute couture.