Saturday, August 13, 2011

Selena Gomez Nails Her Debut on the Cover of Mexican Version of ELLE in Mature Look

Recently, Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, the American famous teen idol Selena Gomez makes her debut on the cover of the Mexican version of ELLE for April edition. In this series of cover shoot, Selena Gomez hides her girlish side and instead presents to people her mature side that you may never have seen before as a perfectly confident and independent lady that is enchantingly charming.

As perhaps the second most popular Disney girl star after Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez has always struck people with her sweet and cute girlish look. But as all Disney child stars as well as all Hollywood teen idols, Selena Gomez has to grow up and become mature at some point. And when the moment comes, she will also declare her independence and shows her maturity to the world as her competing Disney star Miley Cyrus and other prior teen stars have done, and maybe this the moment she finally decides to show the world that she has already grown up and matures into a mature and independent woman as well as been prepared for any challenges and breakthroughs. 

In the cover shoot Selena Gomez makes for the Mexican version of ELLE, she throws away all girlish outfits and upgrades them into completely elegant garments that are totally grown-up style. In on picture, Selena dresses in a tightly fit black blouse coupled with the matching tight pants, plus an extremely chic waist belt designed in natural brown color with woven fringes as well as a stylish wide-brimmed hat in the same color, looking glamorously elegant and confident while showing her already fully developed figure perfectly. 

In another picture, this Mexican girl delivers her own unique style wearing a nude-colored loose short blouse with a pair of dark pink pants that making her legs look straighter and more slender. Matched with a pair of pointed-toe leopard pattern flats and a very Mexican pair of sunglasses, Selena Gomez interprets best a ladylike but independent Mexican mature and successful woman in a highly individual way. 

In some other pictures, Selena Gomez delivers her various styles with a sunbathing look in the backyard of home at a leisure afternoon, a bold look representing the casual and free spirit dressed in a loose and tube dress while taking a walk in the garden with the great proud expression on face and a look of intelligent woman in a trench coat. If Selena Gomez wants to show the world that she has grown into a mature woman, she has proved perfectly in this series of photos. 

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