Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stars Join to Dress up as Stylish Smurfettes in Complete Cuteness

At the New York premiere of the movie “The Smurfs”, popular performer Katy Perry showed up in a customized Smurfette little dress from the brand of The Blond with delicately flounced skirts, fine and shiny sequins and pretty and elegant printing patterns, plus her blond hair and blue eye shadow, looking exactly the cute Smurfette from the movie. Since then, this kind of blue fashion of Smurfette style has hit the Hollywood world with every woman star competing to dress in the cutest way as a Smurfette.

In the July edition of the top-line fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, a feisty fashion competition based on the image of Smurfette has proved once again that sometimes virtual character is more appealing than real life character. Dressed in Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and many other fabulous brands, these fashionable Smurfettes simply tell us that you don’t really need to have the perfect figure to dress in style as long as you have the perfect confidence. Now let’s check out some cutest Smurfette look of the most fabulous Hollywood stars. 

Katy Perry can be called the originator along with the movie of this fashion of Smurfette. Her interpretation in the aid of a mini skirt printed with dazzling logo designed in extravagant bling-bling diamonds coupled with a pair of blue pointy patent leather womens shoes shows both cute and sexy sides of the adorable Smurfette. In addition, even the detail of her Smurf patterned nail polish is super eye-catching. 

Blake Lively’s this piece of jump suit is super cute in adorable aqua blue with chic shoulder straps. In addition, the design of deep V neck adds sexiness to the whole perky and funky look. And the stylish and shiny bracelets Queen S wears as accessory is in a simple but extravagant style, which revealing her great fashion taste. 

As the other fashion lady from Gossip Girl, Queen B Leighton Meester’s this Smurfette look is also stunningly gorgeous with the chic and modern jump suit in royal blue. The design in pure color makes her look gracefully elegant in the simplest way, coupled with the chain handbag she carries, showing both hot and sweet sides of her. 

Country music star Taylor Swift’s this blue halter dress is refreshing for this season in a young academic style that is totally cute. And the pink bow peep-toe high heels she chooses to match bring out the sweetest her.

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