Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Sergio Rossi Series for Autumn and Winter –Artistic Beauty from the Nature

The brand Sergio Rossi has always been playing a very important role among contemporary womens shoes brands. Even till now, it is still regarded as a great leader. Sergio Rossi`s excellent skills in sewing and manufacturing that have been passed down through generations keep helping perfect their production. In addition, its impeccable designing skills in shoe last creating make every pair of shoes from Sergio Rossi a precious artwork.

“You can try to be the best of yourself, but what if there is another role waiting there for you to play?” said by Franfesco Russo, the creative director of Sergio Rossi, expressing the designing concept of this womens shoes series. 

With meticulous designs and elegant flow lines, these womens shoes stress the feminine features by turning into these beautiful creatures to lure everybody in night. The series “Butterfly and Flower” from Sergio Rossi in this season are conscientiously created for women all over the world. This series insists on building perfect details that are abundant in enigmatic sexiness and colorful imagination in order to create the most beautiful whole entity for you in the way just like mystical organisms coming into being with every step linked together perfectly. 

Made in sheepskin and snake skin, the single-colored womens boots lift the veil of mystery of Sergio Rossi. This pair of womens shoes is in bright red, which symbolizes passion and the diamond-like decorations attracts more attention under the moonlight. You can hold a grand carnival with the butterflies. 

Butterfly and flower are the two most beautiful things in the natural world that best represent feminine stylesr. And this series designed for autumn and winter this year from Sergio Rossi 2011 ingeniously mix these two elements together in its design. Flower-shaped spiral design is in full bloom on your ankle; the wings of butterfly turn into ankle bracelet coupled with bling-bling crystal. The series “Butterfly and Flower” is so charming that even you cannot imagine how surprised you will be when you step in a pair of such beautiful high heels

This pair of womens shoes from Sergio Rossi 2011 designed for autumn and winter place everyone just like in a museum full of rare and pricy antiques, and lead people to a marvelous natural world: caterpillars become beautiful butterflies breaking the pupa, buds are in full bloom .Everywhere in the garden sway the shoes with flamed pleat. In this pair of high heels you will feel like a respected bird proudly walking in a big garden.

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