Friday, August 19, 2011

Travel in Extravagant Lady Style in Ballet Flats

In this sunny season, to have a trip on weekends with friends must be your top choice for leisure in this summer season. But for travel, you cannot step on high heels as if going to a party. Then what’s the most suitable kind of shoes for a travel outside? The answer goes to gorgeous ballet flats, which are both comfortable and fit this season as well as offering you the extravagant look in totally ladylike style, making you one of the most beautiful sceneries in others’ eyes along the way. Here we have selected some models of ballet flats for you to choose from for your trip.

This pair of ballet flats is designed to offer an extremely delicate look with cute tiny gold bow on the toe of this light pink pair of flats, showing best the gentle feminine style of a little lady with a tinge of girlishly naughty temperament. This kind of jelly flats in ballerina style can strike people with a very sweet and adorable impression if matched with high waist shorts and a simple light colored blouse in retro style. 

This model of ballet shoes is the perfect option for girls who love lace. With the most compatible combination of lace and flat shoes, this pair of ballet flats can show the most elegant side of you while retaining the sweet style of yours. You can match this pair of lace ballet flats with a see-through blouse that goes perfectly with lace design, revealing a bit of your enigmatic charm to people. 

This pair of black ballet flats decorated with light pink bow and crown-shaped pendant, adding dreamy look to the whole shoes and deliver an extremely cute fairy tale style. In addition, the hollowed out heart shaped holes inside the soles are so adorable and sweet in a hidden way that is totally low-key. You can choose a lace long dress to match this pair of ballet flats, making yourself as elegant as a crowned royal princess. 

This pair of ballet flats is all about cuteness with the most adorable decorations on the toe of little buds and square bows coupled with the light pink color of the whole shoes, showing best your most girlishly sweet side. You can match this pair of shoes with dresses in light colors such as beige and light tan, delivering the quiet sweetness of you for people around.

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