Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naval Style Helps You Have a Cooler Summer

The naval style has always been among the most stylish elements in recent years. And it is particularly popular in summer for that it often reminds people of the Blue Ocean and cool sea air, which will make you feel calm and comfortable even in the hottest summer days. So you maybe want to pick one pair if you would like to have a cooler and more comfortable summer. Here we present you some selected recommendations with great features for you to choose.

These two models from Papillio are backed with great three-dimensional ergonomic shoe bed design, which can effectively distribute evenly the body weight and walking pressure on the soles, offering sufficient support and balance for the foot joints and thus perfecting the ankle and sole protection to the top level. 

Naval style has already formed into a unique culture that sweeping over the whole world and pushed to be on the fashion forefront by the women rights supporting movements and the popularity of the neutral style. Thus, the handsome naval style has been never been outmoded for several decades. These two pairs of Papillio’s new series are combined with the refreshing color, fusion dot design, stripe patterns and other classic elements to create the healthiest and the most handsome chic style in this summer. 

The candy colors of this series can improve your mood so substantially coupled with its cute dot design and the refreshing naval style that even the hottest heat can never beat you. 

This series from German great slipper manufacturer Birkenstock offers models that are in totally refreshing naval style. This series is available in three bright colors – red, white and blue. Besides, this series are made of high-grade natural leather fabric, which is an indispensable fashionable element in this summer dress. By wearing these refreshing models, you can almost feel the sea breeze brushing your feet and breathe the freshly cool sear air while enjoying a totally heat-free comfort and peace of mind even if you are actually under scorching circumstances. 

Designed with completely chic elements including genuine leather and metal buckles, the series provide a multiple choices of different looks for you to choose. It has the round-toe models, flip-flop models and peep-toe modes, which provides you with accordingly greatest protection for your toe, fun experience on the beach and chic look with practical airy function.

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