Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Heels in Low-Key Style Keep Office Ladies in Fashion

It is always a tricky problem for office ladies who want to stay in fashion but in an inconspicuous way. A pair of office pumps in low-key style will solve this problem perfectly, allowing office ladies to be chic and stylish without making a great fashion sensation in the offices. Here we select several models of office pumps in low-key style for you to choose to wear into your offices.

This classic model of Alexander McQueen is designed in flowing lines, coupled with the chic nude-colored leather and the delicate white lace with elegant flower patterns on, showing best the feminine gentleness with the whole design, especially the graceful white lace that covers every inch of the shoe surface and even the slender heels. Seen from every angle, this pair of high heels is perfect with pure elegance that belongs only to exquisite women. 

This pair of high heels from Bottega Veneta is featured in its moss green color and the woven design on the shoe surface, delivering a natural and rustic style. Plus, the cute and chic peep-toe design adds more fun into this model, making it the must-have type for commuting office ladies with its simple but elegant design in a low-key style. 

This pair of high heels in the basic colors of black and white is a classic model of Carven. With the innovative change of the width of black and white stripes plus the high heel design in a totally natural style, the classic look of white and black stripes turns completely chic. In addition, the combination of lined-in leather with canvas wrapping outside make the high heels full of refreshing vibe in a purely simple way. 

This model from Stella McCartney is a pair of patent leather high heels in beige color, which is totally stylish in a low-key way. The elegant pointed-toe design is chic and can help make you look sexier. Therefore, this type is many intellectual office ladies’ favorite.

This model of platform high heels comes from Brian Atwood is very comfortable with the currently hottest combination of platform bottoms and high heels. The shiny patent leather wraps the shoes from the insteps to heels and platforms, making every part of the shoes connect into a whole entity. Without any extra decorations, this model looks fabulous in its own modern and sleek look, which ensures that it is the must-have single item for office ladies who prefer to become the party queen after work.

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