Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Heels in Sweet Colors Make You both Chic and Cute

Do you still wear canvas sneakers all day like a little girl who has not grown up? Now it’s time to say goodbye to the immature you and instead go for your dream to become a stylish little lady. If you prefer to have cuteness and style at the same time, we may just have what suit you best. With the help of a pair of high heels in sweet colors, you can easily have both chic style and cute look.

This pair of high heels from Brian Atwood Maniac looks very similar to Christian Louboutin’s model of Bianca 140 in the shape. Both are designed with round toes and waterproof platform bottoms and the 14cm dagger heels. The difference between them is that this model of Brian Atwood of is hidden and wrapped under the insteps; therefore there is an inevitable linking line on the shoe toes. This model in sleek metallic lemon yellow color offers a refreshing look that especially suits for hot summer. 

This model from Brian Atwood is currently the most popular type with the perfectly compatible combination of the extremely slender high heels and the super thick waterproof platform bottoms. Designed in a great color contrast of stone grey and aqua blue, this model of high heels is in a natural style that makes people relax completely. 

This pair of high heels is also from Brian Atwood Maniac and is a favorite type by many women with its endearing gentle look featured with hollowed-out flower patterns covering the whole shoe body. Plus the light purple color delivers a super gentle image that many girls dig very much.

This pair of Christian Louboutin high heels looks absolutely sweet with its adorably cute look offered by the super high heels and the platform soles. In addition, the peach pink highlights the entire shoes and brightens the whole look as well as improve people’s mood substantially. The special design of a cut on the upper part of the high heels make the shoes look more chic in an individual way. And the gold arc strap connecting the toe and the heels is so sleek and stylish, adding more fun to the whole design. 

This model of Brian Atwood Maniac high heels is designed in patent leather, which grants the shoes a sleek and shiny look. The slender heels make harmonious combination with the waterproof platform design, coupled with the bright royal blue, creating a completely eye-catching look.

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