Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Elegance in Extravagance that You Cannot Miss

Every girl dreams to have a high-profile high heels that are both extremely elegant and completely extravagant in every detail that will stun everyone around her and therefore make her the absolute focus of all attention. This dream now can be realized with some selected models of high heels we present you and we believe that you will find one model that you have long been looking forward to in your dream.

This pair of Roger Vivier high heels looks really elegant in a natural way with its woven fabrics. The extravagant large blooming flower on the chic design of peep toe makes people feel as if smelling the fresh and sweet fragrance in the spring air. Though in a stunning gold color that may dazzle people’s eyes, the woven design lessen the grandeur by adding more leisurely fun. The only problem of this pair of shoes is that due to its eye-catching trait, you may find it hard to choose an outfit that outshines it. 

This model of velvet high heels from Nina Ricci is more likely a piece of delicate art work other than a pair of shoes. The whole look of the high heels deliver a very Baroque style, which strikes people with an impression of a retro model designed for Louis XVI. The specially designed prominent heel and the leather material for the waterproof platform show perfectly the elegant style of a royal woman. Just by simply looking at this pair of shoes, you can imagine yourself walking down the stairs to a glamorous party while being looked at by every guest present with great honor. 

This pair of high heels from Brian Atwood is featured with 5-inch high heels and its gorgeous bright pink color. This eye-catching combination not only allows you to look taller in the crowd but also helps you catch more attention easily. Plus, the sweet bright candy-like color will definitely be beneficial in improving your mood. The adorable curled toe design may remind you of the clown slippers in a circus and therefore adds more fun to whole look of this pair of perfectly elegant shoes. The 1-inch waterproof platform relieves much pressure against the high heels and thus ensuring you of a worry-free party night by avoiding any possibility of a fashion faux pas of tripping over the carpet for due to too much pressure on high heels.

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