Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monacan Royal Wedding as Unprecedented as Ever, Bride Shows up in Armani Dress

At 17 o’clock, July 1, Monaco’s head of state Prince Albert of her fiancĂ©e -- the South African swimming athlete Charlene Wittstock hold their wedding in Monaco. 6000 Monacan residents are invited to the wedding and the couple appears on the balcony to kiss each other passionately in public. Later after the midnight, a 15-minute musical fireworks display also lights up the night sky of Monaco. 

Like all European royal weddings, this wedding is extremely splendid and extravagant. It is said that the wedding is expected to cost 50 million pound. Wedding of Prince Albert II becomes a grand ceremony in these many years. The last royal wedding was held in 1956, when Prince Albert II’s father married American Oscar best actress Grace Kelly. 

Princess-to-be Charlene Wittstock is 33-year-old blonde beauty. She is born in Zimbabwe's second largest city Bulawayo and move to the town of Benoni near South Africa’s economic capital Johannesburg with her family at 12. Since the age of 3, she has been dipping herself in the swimming pool. Her mother is a swimming coach and an expert diver. Wittstock has represented the South African swimming team to attend the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games. In 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, she takes part as a South African athlete of the medley relay team and wins the fifth place finish. Prince Albert II is born in 1958; he is the son of the late prince Rainier III. During his early study in the United States, he has served as Chairman of Monacan Swimming Federation and the staff member of Atlanta Olympic Games Coordination Committee. His interest in sports varies widely. The couple meets each other in Monaco in 2000; and during the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games, they officially reveal their relationship to the public. 

Royal wedding often have many highlights, but the biggest focus for people may be the guest list and the wedding gown designer. Out of the thousands of guests having attended the wedding, there includes French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and British former black super-supermodel Naomi Campbell. As for the bride’s wedding gown, it is from the Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani. Monaco not only hopes the wedding can compete with British Prince William and Kate’s wedding but also trying to revive the domestic economy through it. 

Make Your Heart Flipped over ZARA Latest Series of High Heels

Though women always hold the ambivalent feelings for high heels, they still cannot help but throw themselves all over the latest series of high heels from a fabulous brand. ZARA latest series of high heels are featured with the brightest colors that will definitely make your heart flipped. Now let’s have sneak peek on them.

This model of ZARA can totally wow you with its splendid color that is so uniquely beautiful in a brilliantly impressive way. This pair of T-type strap high heels suit perfectly for a variety of foot types with no worries of foot rubbing feeling and make your walking more effortless as well as more graceful. This model is worth the strongest recommendation. 

This multi-color model is designed with straps in double refreshing colors of blue and green, offering you a cool image in the hottest summer. Besides, the soles of this model are made of jute straw, making it has the rustic leisure. In addition, the double designs of platform bottoms and wedge heels make great convenience for creating a more effortless and easy walking for you. This pair of strap wedge sandals will make you feel totally comfortable while wearing them no matter how long you have to travel. 

The multi-color elastic model of ZARA may have a pretty strict prerequisite for those who want to try it on because the elastic high heels can easily expose the shortage of short legs and both your ankle and your calf have to be thin enough to wear it gracefully. But the color combination of black, dark blue and pink offers a great option for those who dig dark colors. 

This model is absolutely cute with the most girlish bright color combination of red, pink and orange that no girl can resist. Plus, the thick high heels seem friendlier than slender high heels, bringing out your easy-going temperament best. And wide cloth design over the toe coupled with peep-toe is so stylish that you cannot bear to let it go once you set your eyes on it. 

Bright lemon yellow is always one of girls’ favorite colors and nothing beats the refreshing lemon color in hot summer. Besides, this model is made of Nubuck leather instead of lacquer leather, which can bring out the color to its fullest level. Plus, the thick heels, platform bottoms and strap designs are all the trendiest designs in this season.

Sweet Japanese-Style Leisure Shoes with Highlight of Spiral Bow Knot

In this hot summer, do you want to try on some pair of shoes with exotic and romantic vibe, making yourself look refreshing in everyone’s eyes? Now we present you the fresh and sweet leisure shoes you are definitely want to have for this summer. Designed in a romantic and cute Japanese style, coupled with delicately made spiral bow knot, these shoes will be able to bring out the sweetest you out and show that to everyone around you in this romantic summer.

This series of sweet leisure shoes in Japanese style is extremely popular around the world. The specially-designed spiral bow knot is the biggest highlight of the whole shoes. Wearing them will add an exceptional bonus point to your look. Whether you are a student or an office lady, you can find yourself really charming with great elegance and sweetness in this pair of flats.

This classic model can go with everything, whether a skirt or pants or just leggings. Its simple design paired with elegant pattern can make you the most graceful lady with confidence. Putting this on, it can instantly satisfy your dream of having the perfect and popular style. It suits best for commuting office ladies. 

Super cute decorative bow can instantly improve the sweet and elegant vibe of yours, making you look sweeter and more endearing. The classic color combination plus the simple but elegant design, making you just can not put this pair down. Whether you are going to school, heading to the office or just go for shopping, this pair will always match and can help improve your taste and attract more attention. 

Not a single girl can resist the charm of little pointed-head flats with lace, which exude remarkable and extravagant vibe of princesses. This pair is definitely the kind will make you fall in love with at the first sight with its adorable single color design coupled with the ladylike look that fits best in the summer, making this pair sweeter and livelier.

This model is the most popular type in this summer. With its retro round toe design, it comes with surprising comfort you can never imagine. You can dress up in a nice pink dress for this romantic summer or match it with a T-shirt with cute cake designs on, showing best your sweetness and confidence in the summer air.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be the Most Stylish Office Lady with Rivet High Heels in Nude Color

Vanlentino 2011 spring and summer series of high heels offers a specifically designed series committed to showing best the independence and capability of office ladies.

Vanlentino 2011 spring and summer series of high heels chooses nude color and black which are both all-match and represent rational thinking as its main color. It also picks rivets as the main matching elements to cushion the image of stubborn stereotype for office ladies. The magical combination of nude color and rivets will make you more individual with your own style. 

This pair of high heels in nude pink decorated by shiny square rivets exudes the punk vibe and will definitely make you seem more independent and confident. The rivet design shines out coupled the nude pink color, making everything around your ankle seem extremely dazzling.

This model of bow high heels in dark blue is both elegant and stylish. The shiny rivet design lies buried in the bow create a more discreet and mature look for you, which makes this pair of shoes suit best for office ladies in the management of a big company. 

This model of pointed-toe high heels makes a grand announcement of pointed-toe shoes’ comeback. This pair of stiletto in nude pink is extremely extravagant with a T-shaped style. The crossed leather straps strike an enigmatic and elegant impression, coupled with shiny rivet designs, making you seem more elegant and sexy in a vintage and retro style once you put them on. 

This model of dark blue high heels is totally stylish with the most fashionable peep-toe design and extremely slender high heels. The dark blue lacquered leather combined with straps in nude pink decorated with shiny rivets brings out a graceful and kind of mysterious side of you. Plus, the color of this pair of stiletto is perhaps the best to bring out your beautiful skin color and can go with all clothes without a slightest worry of mismatching. 

This model of pointed-toe high heels in dark blue will serve best if you are planning wearing some long dress of dark color in retro style. The whole T-shaped straps are all decorated with shiny rivets, coupled with the pointed-toe design, making you become the most enigmatically charming office lady ever in your own unique style.

Glamorous Exotic Feelings Brought by Peacock Feather Wedding Shoes

Speaking of wedding shoes, we may get used to red and pink as well as lace and rhinestones. But brides can change their style by trying the wedding shoes decorated by peacock feathers, which are sexy and eye-catching, bringing out a bit of exotic feelings. Now we present some of the best models in peacock feather wedding shoes for you to choose from.

This model is exuding the Bohemian vibe with its glamorous metallic color coupled with gorgeous feather decoration, making the shoes both elegant and refreshingly mysterious with the foreign culture vibe. This pair of wedding shoes suit best for those brides who want to make their weddings totally individual that cannot be similar in any way with others. The shoes may serve them best by bringing out their uniquely charming personality. The color combination design combined with metallic material, makes the shoes not so flashy but gracefully elegant. 

This pair of high heels is an all-match model that will fit any kind of wedding gown you pick out. The whole shoes offer an image of intelligence and grace that any bride wants to own on her wedding day. The light lake blue color coupled with the elegant simple design, plus a shiny rhinestone and several feathers as decoration, making sure that you will become the most charming bride ever as long as you put them on. 

This model is full of extravagant feelings that created by its royal blue color, shiny little rhinestones and glamorous peacock feather. Every detail of this pair of shoes is so refined that it is impossible to find any fault in it. The material of the shoe body strikes people with the impression of sleek silk, combined with the elegant high heels, can bring out both the sexy and exquisite sides out of you at the same time. 

This model of totally original design inspired all by patterns and colors from peacock feather will definitely make brides who wear them stand out even in a crowd of brides. The simple design completely imitates the peacock feather pattern makes this pair of wedding shoes look both naturally beautiful and elegantly fabulous in the outstanding grandeur. The green color may seem a little off if you are considering the common choice of a purely white gown. But if you are a perky bride that wants to make your wedding full of fun, you can pick a white gown that is decorated by some patterns that will go with the shoes.

Mix and Match Shoes in Cool Colors Offers You a Refreshingly Adorable Image

In the hottest season of the year, it’s always refreshing to wear a pair of beautiful shoes in cool colors, not only buffering the hot air outside but also improving your mood inside tremendously.

For many people, black may be the safe color to fall back on, but it obviously cannot do in summer. Black may deliver too heavy feelings for summer. In order to seem light and perky, apart from being careful when making choices on materials and types, you should also pay more attention to the color. Mix and match of warm red and other cold colors will be more appropriate than choosing all warm colors in summer, creating a refreshingly adorable look. This model of mix and match style is both retro and modern, plus the chic designs of platform bottoms and peep-toe, bringing out the most stylish you. 

This model of sheepskin strap hollowed-out high heels in simple European style delivers an extremely sexy vibe. Black shoes are most often seen in grand ceremonies and parties because they symbolize seriousness and graveness. But if you match them with blue or green, the heaviness of blue will be easily cushioned. Because black is so compatible that allows you for a great choice range of clothes styles. 

This model of sheepskin doubled with woven canvas bow wedge sandals seems to offer a declaration of the arrival of the love season. The luxurious glossy silk delivers a vibe of a little princess, combined with innocent and adorable dotted bows of the same color, makes people cannot help but love you. 

The elegant peep-toe design earns this model great favor from the office ladies. The low heels coupled with peep-toe make walking easy as well as make every step you take more graceful. Whether you match them with sweet dresses or professional suits, they can bring out the tender feminine side of you.

This model is the perfect combination of high heels and boots from Dr. Martens. Its elegant and all-match design grants it the wide choices to go with almost any clothes you like. Plus the creative design of the elastic structure makes it easier to wear. The old blue jean material coupled with peep-toe deliver a look that is both retro and modern, making you showing both best sides of you at the same time.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gaga Strikes out Again -- Dressed up as an Onion in a Japanese Talk Show

According to Japanese media, the U.S. pop singer Lady Gaga visited to Japan earlier this week and made her appearance at the Japanese comprehensive talk show “Tesuko no Heya” which will be shown on TV later this month. Lady Gaga made her debut on Japanese talk show in an “onion style” dress, plus her ultra-high platform shoes and the rocket hairstyle, creating a whole costume as high as two meters and stunning the Japanese host. 

It is reported that Lady Gaga’s this onion costume is made entirely of black leather group and in order to fix the shape of the costume, a piece of leather has to be added in the costume to support it. The platform shoes Lady Gaga wore that day are as high as 40cm, designed by a Japanese friend designer. And the green long hair specially designed for the Japan tour was changed into a rocket style that day. The whole costume reached the height of 2 meters and made staff around has to look up at Lady Gaga. During the interview, Lady Gaga kept taking host Tetsuko for surprises. When Lady Gaga said she had prepared some gifts for the host, she pulled some candies out of her rocket hair, making the host shout out “I cannot believe how cute it is.” Lady Gaga also added that she had stored a lot of candies in her hair that she specially prepared for Japanese children. 

During the program, host Tetsuko asked Lady Gaga how she can create such different music being raised up in a very strict family environment. Lady Gaga said, “Music and the market need to get rid of the fixed concept. In the beginning, my costume is always laughed at by others but now gradually more and more people find them sexy.” And when asked if her family was worried, Lady Gaga also admitted frankly that sometimes they would worry but they always stuck together and her strict father had begun to understand the real her.

In addition, Lady Gaga also introduced to the host that the title song of her third album “Born this way” was actually written according to what her mom taught her. Lady Gaga said: “Without my mom, I would’ve never become who I am now. In high school, I was always bullied by my classmates but my mother kept encouraging me.”

Star-Studded Snow Flower and the Secret Fan New York Premiere

On July 13, local time, the movie of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan held its premiere in New York. Apart from its main actress Li Bingbing, many Hollywood hottest stars and other celebrities came to attend the grand premier, including the couple of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Oscar- winning actor Ben Kingsley, country singer Keith Urban, Chinese American actress Lucy Alexis Liu, Yale professor Amy Chua, famous designer Diane von Furstenberg and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

According to Kidman, she is deeply touched by the lesbian love in the movie and thinks both of the leading actresses are very commendable of their fascinating acting in expressing the conserved and restrained love in the film. Though for Nicole, it is a small pity that she hadn’t got the opportunity to play in the movie as her husband Hugh Jackman had done.

When the movie was over, Nicole Kidman was the first to stand up from her seat and came on the stage to hug Li Bingbing and praised her acting in the movie quite enthusiastically. In the later interview, Nicole admitted this was the first time for her to meet Li Bingbing, “Honestly speaking, I have not seen much of Chinese films. But after seeing Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, I think the Chinese actors are as good as Hollywood actors.” Nicole also admitted that she had exchanged phone number with Li Bingbing and she added, “I know Bingbing is already a very big star in Asia. I like her a lot and hope in future we can have the opportunity to become ‘lesbians’ together and never separate.” 

The Oscar-winning British actor Ben Kingsley also came to the movie premier. Though Kingsley has rarely praised other films, he called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan the best Chinese film in highest quality he had seen in recent years and he added, “The most valuable thing about this movie is the true feelings it delivers and the director us very is very sincere in creating this movie.” At the reception after the premier, Ben Kingsley commended Li Bingbing’s performance in this film, “She acts in a highly accurate way that you can hardly pick out any fault. She is one of best actresses I have ever seen.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream American media also give favorable comments on this movie and Li Bingbing’s acting in it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Create Your Retro Ladylike Look with Elegant High Heels

Do you always envy those actresses in the retro television series, who are stepping in a pair of old-fashioned high heels but still look so elegant? Now you can create your own retro ladylike look instantly as long as you put on an elegant pair of high heels that not only has retro design but is extremely chic in today’s fashion. 

To create a retro but elegant ladylike look, one sweet pair of high heels will do perfectly. The all-time favorite toe-peep high heels can display best the fascinating gentle temperament of yours. You can choose some bright-colored nail polish for this pair, making you look totally chic even in every detail. 

What beats the elegant peep-toe high heels in simple but stylish design to bring out the most fashionable you? The red pair can make you like a noble heritress of some ancient French chateau while the black pair brings out your enigmatic and sexy side just as a mysterious cat lady. Coupled with a pair of simple denim jeans and some dark nail polish, your sexy vibe may make you the next James Bond lady. 

If you are planning to make yourself more charming and mature, here is something you cannot miss. Sexy high heels coupled with firm thick bottom, this pair of high heels make sure that you can show your straight leg line perfectly. Best choice for office ladies who enjoy envious look from colleagues. 

With this pair on, you can easily find your self exuding elegance in every step you walk. Your irresistible charm can be completely brought out by this pair of shoes coupled with a pair of denim leisure jeans. The high heels help make your legs look more slender, ensuring your sexy elegance delivered to everyone around you. 

Top quality leather paired with lining pad inside, this pair is perfectly airy and absorbent. You can feel the great comfort wearing it. Even for commuting office ladies, this model can make them reassured of a good mood. You can match this type with a simple shirt or a pair of tight-bottom denim pants, creating a chic sweet lady effortlessly. With this pair’s great design with great look and its “go with everything” trait, making sure you can wear them for a worry free and comfortable walk outside. 

This classic type in all black color has the most elegant element in it that makes every girl can not help but love. Once you put on this pair of simple-designed black stiletto, you can feel immediately that you have turned into an aristocratic lady from a royal family. Designed with The shiny but delicate accessory of elegant crystal and luxurious golden lock, its refined details of this model will definitely make you feel under the spotlight every minute you wear it.