Friday, July 22, 2011

High Heels Plus Purple Color Equal Mystery and Romance

Maybe it’s because the trend of the Gothic style, smoky makeup and smoking equipment shocks people’s mind with that royal style, purple has made a comeback nowadays and sweep the fashion stores everywhere. But do you have the nerves to go out wearing a pair of purple shoes? Purple shoes are tricky to choose, but purple high heels may always look stunningly elegance in perfect mystery and romance with the magical combination of these two elements. Now let’s see some most classic shoes matching purple color and high heels together, then you may understand how magical those two elements put together can be.

This pair of Jimmy Choo Erica can make you feel like a royal lady with its velvet material. But with its colorful spiral heels, it can in the meantime make you a stylish lady of your own individuality. 

This pair of Dior designed in fine serpentine pattern matched with purple color brings out the most enigmatic yourself deep down in your heart you may not even know.

This pair of Dior Karenina demonstrates its extraordinary trait in the details of the purple ribbed bumpy design on the surface of the shoes.

Brian Atwood’s classic “Tonya” highlights its lacquer leather and brings out a luxurious feel with its streamlined shape, making it simple and elegant. 

Christian Louboutin “Forever Tina” highlights its fringed tassel, which is not only a popular element but can be matched perfectly with shoes in a bold and creative way. 

Dior’s Karenina long boots can perfectly bring out your leg lines. The upper design details in various levels to avoid monotonousness. 

Yves Saint Laurent’s gift shows off its extravagant luxury with gold trim and the most complicatedly woven straps, entitling you with luxurious and mysterious vibe.

Roger Vivier’s purple flower cluster sandals tell the deepest secrets down inside a woman’s heart with stacked various flowers. 

Another classic of Christian Louboutin, with hollowed design and fish head shape, this pair takes the two trendiest elements together to match out the most perfect purple shoes. 

This pair of Chloe’s collage short boot highlights its texture of snakeskin, lacquer leather, calfskin and all other collage pieces stitched together to create this model one classic pair out of the world.

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