Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glamorous Exotic Feelings Brought by Peacock Feather Wedding Shoes

Speaking of wedding shoes, we may get used to red and pink as well as lace and rhinestones. But brides can change their style by trying the wedding shoes decorated by peacock feathers, which are sexy and eye-catching, bringing out a bit of exotic feelings. Now we present some of the best models in peacock feather wedding shoes for you to choose from.

This model is exuding the Bohemian vibe with its glamorous metallic color coupled with gorgeous feather decoration, making the shoes both elegant and refreshingly mysterious with the foreign culture vibe. This pair of wedding shoes suit best for those brides who want to make their weddings totally individual that cannot be similar in any way with others. The shoes may serve them best by bringing out their uniquely charming personality. The color combination design combined with metallic material, makes the shoes not so flashy but gracefully elegant. 

This pair of high heels is an all-match model that will fit any kind of wedding gown you pick out. The whole shoes offer an image of intelligence and grace that any bride wants to own on her wedding day. The light lake blue color coupled with the elegant simple design, plus a shiny rhinestone and several feathers as decoration, making sure that you will become the most charming bride ever as long as you put them on. 

This model is full of extravagant feelings that created by its royal blue color, shiny little rhinestones and glamorous peacock feather. Every detail of this pair of shoes is so refined that it is impossible to find any fault in it. The material of the shoe body strikes people with the impression of sleek silk, combined with the elegant high heels, can bring out both the sexy and exquisite sides out of you at the same time. 

This model of totally original design inspired all by patterns and colors from peacock feather will definitely make brides who wear them stand out even in a crowd of brides. The simple design completely imitates the peacock feather pattern makes this pair of wedding shoes look both naturally beautiful and elegantly fabulous in the outstanding grandeur. The green color may seem a little off if you are considering the common choice of a purely white gown. But if you are a perky bride that wants to make your wedding full of fun, you can pick a white gown that is decorated by some patterns that will go with the shoes.

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