Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Swan Natalie Portman – Goddess Turning into Mother

When you think of Natalie Portman, a few tags such as Hollywood child star, the top students at Harvard psychology and Oscar-winning actress will always pop up in your mind. The beautiful Natalie Portman is not only smart but also talented and she almost has all the qualities most women want to have. Now, the actress adds another highlight to her brilliant life. On June 14, Natalie’s first child is born, and her birthday is not far away on June 9. Let us bless the luckiest actress in 2011 with a look back together on her most beautiful fashion moments.

This is one of Natalie’s most popular red-carpet looks! In the 2005 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Natalie’s stunning white dress coupled with black belt in multi-layered design and delicate slippers make her look perky and lively. Natalie actually can be this freshly cute and endearing girl! 

This is also one of her most stunning red-carpet looks. In 2005 Academy Awards, Natalie’s this dress makes a classic look! This Lanvin evening gown is very elegant and the deep V-shape design exudes perfectly a sexy vibe, making Natalie look like a noble goddess! 

At the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) second annual award ceremony last year, Natalie wears a Lanvin's strapless evening gown and high heel sandals makes her look attractive and sexy! 

Purple is the hottest color in last year’s Venice Film Festival, as Natalie chooses a short violet dress, slightly fluffy skirt seemed relaxed natural, confident Natalie in front of the camera at all times maintain a good state!  Don' forget those beautiful nude colored high heels.

This super-chic Vionnet shirt-style dress is quite distinctive from Natalie’s past styles. Different from the sexy or pure looks of many women stars on the film festival red carpet. Wise Natalie chooses a dress that has successfully conquered many fashion critics’ hearts by its neutral but soft look. 

In the Venice Film Festival premiere of the movie “Black Swan”, Natalie rules the whole premier in a Chinese red Rodarte dress and golden high heel sandals, exuding star style in every move she makes. 

Natalie makes another appearance on the red carpet wearing a special edition of Lanvin x H & M in an oblique design. Even wearing a cheap brand, Natalie still owns her unique personal style. 

At the after party of “Vanity Fair” in last year’s Academy Awards, Natalie wears a gorgeous Lanvin dress, whose dark green color makes her a low-profile and elegant look.

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