Tuesday, July 12, 2011

North Korean Lifts Ban on Women's Pants

North Korea once banned women from wearing pants, limiting female attire to dresses only. But that’s in the past. Nowadays, North Korean regulations allow women to wear trousers, or “proper pants” as detailed in the regulations.

But for North Korean women who have already been accustomed to wearing dresses for a long time, wearing pants may still not be their choice for everyday use. Nor is wearing pants in accordance with North Korean traditions. North Korean women rarely undergo plastic surgery (unlike the plastic surgery heaven in the South – of course, the significant wealth difference between the two Koreas could be a major factor), nor do they often wear makeup. Skirts and dresses are simply considered more “natural” than pants. Wearing dresses is even considered physically healthier than wearing pants. So even after the change in regulations, woman wearing pants are still a rare find in North Korea.

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