Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mix and Match Shoes in Cool Colors Offers You a Refreshingly Adorable Image

In the hottest season of the year, it’s always refreshing to wear a pair of beautiful shoes in cool colors, not only buffering the hot air outside but also improving your mood inside tremendously.

For many people, black may be the safe color to fall back on, but it obviously cannot do in summer. Black may deliver too heavy feelings for summer. In order to seem light and perky, apart from being careful when making choices on materials and types, you should also pay more attention to the color. Mix and match of warm red and other cold colors will be more appropriate than choosing all warm colors in summer, creating a refreshingly adorable look. This model of mix and match style is both retro and modern, plus the chic designs of platform bottoms and peep-toe, bringing out the most stylish you. 

This model of sheepskin strap hollowed-out high heels in simple European style delivers an extremely sexy vibe. Black shoes are most often seen in grand ceremonies and parties because they symbolize seriousness and graveness. But if you match them with blue or green, the heaviness of blue will be easily cushioned. Because black is so compatible that allows you for a great choice range of clothes styles. 

This model of sheepskin doubled with woven canvas bow wedge sandals seems to offer a declaration of the arrival of the love season. The luxurious glossy silk delivers a vibe of a little princess, combined with innocent and adorable dotted bows of the same color, makes people cannot help but love you. 

The elegant peep-toe design earns this model great favor from the office ladies. The low heels coupled with peep-toe make walking easy as well as make every step you take more graceful. Whether you match them with sweet dresses or professional suits, they can bring out the tender feminine side of you.

This model is the perfect combination of high heels and boots from Dr. Martens. Its elegant and all-match design grants it the wide choices to go with almost any clothes you like. Plus the creative design of the elastic structure makes it easier to wear. The old blue jean material coupled with peep-toe deliver a look that is both retro and modern, making you showing both best sides of you at the same time.

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