Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make Your Heart Flipped over ZARA Latest Series of High Heels

Though women always hold the ambivalent feelings for high heels, they still cannot help but throw themselves all over the latest series of high heels from a fabulous brand. ZARA latest series of high heels are featured with the brightest colors that will definitely make your heart flipped. Now let’s have sneak peek on them.

This model of ZARA can totally wow you with its splendid color that is so uniquely beautiful in a brilliantly impressive way. This pair of T-type strap high heels suit perfectly for a variety of foot types with no worries of foot rubbing feeling and make your walking more effortless as well as more graceful. This model is worth the strongest recommendation. 

This multi-color model is designed with straps in double refreshing colors of blue and green, offering you a cool image in the hottest summer. Besides, the soles of this model are made of jute straw, making it has the rustic leisure. In addition, the double designs of platform bottoms and wedge heels make great convenience for creating a more effortless and easy walking for you. This pair of strap wedge sandals will make you feel totally comfortable while wearing them no matter how long you have to travel. 

The multi-color elastic model of ZARA may have a pretty strict prerequisite for those who want to try it on because the elastic high heels can easily expose the shortage of short legs and both your ankle and your calf have to be thin enough to wear it gracefully. But the color combination of black, dark blue and pink offers a great option for those who dig dark colors. 

This model is absolutely cute with the most girlish bright color combination of red, pink and orange that no girl can resist. Plus, the thick high heels seem friendlier than slender high heels, bringing out your easy-going temperament best. And wide cloth design over the toe coupled with peep-toe is so stylish that you cannot bear to let it go once you set your eyes on it. 

Bright lemon yellow is always one of girls’ favorite colors and nothing beats the refreshing lemon color in hot summer. Besides, this model is made of Nubuck leather instead of lacquer leather, which can bring out the color to its fullest level. Plus, the thick heels, platform bottoms and strap designs are all the trendiest designs in this season.

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