Friday, July 22, 2011

Be a Soft Little Lady with a Pair of Soft Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes, just like the name, are as soft as jelly. They have been sweeping the market with their soft texture, cheap material and various colors. For young girls, whether students or office ladies, they are their top choice in the summer. Because jelly shoes not only make your feet soft but also bring out the softness of your temperament by touching the soft spot of your heart with their cute and adorable design in a rich variety of colors. Now let’s see some most popular jelly shoes of this summer, I bet more than one of them will attract you.

This pair of jelly shoes with grape and star decoration will for sure remind you of your innocent childhood summer holiday. The colorful design is full of childlike fun and the fish head design is also very fashionable this year. It’s always comfortable to wear them to whether school or work.

This series of Chanel jelly flat shoes offer three classic colors. The pink color is very ladylike and the blue color brings out some fresh air to you while the black color adds more mystery to its original cuteness.

This type is totally of Korean style, its simple design with cute heart-shaped dot inside make them a little like Cinderella’s glass slippers. Its transparent outlook coupled with the fashionable little fish head design makes it look cool and chic.

This type seems brighter than transparent one, with all various cute and bright color doubled with fish head design, you can match whatever you want with them. They are surely not going to disappoint you when it comes to match dresses for them.

This type is featured in its lacquer design, which gives people a metal texture feeling. This type may be the perfect choice for those office ladies who find jelly shoes too cute to wear. With stylish and simple patterns inside, this type seem more mature than the usual ones.

This type features in double color design, without any complicated decoration or pattern; it simply and directly shows what jelly shoes are. Coupled with fish head design, this type of double color may be your favorite choice to put on when going out for a walk at leisure.

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