Thursday, July 28, 2011

Star-Studded Snow Flower and the Secret Fan New York Premiere

On July 13, local time, the movie of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan held its premiere in New York. Apart from its main actress Li Bingbing, many Hollywood hottest stars and other celebrities came to attend the grand premier, including the couple of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Oscar- winning actor Ben Kingsley, country singer Keith Urban, Chinese American actress Lucy Alexis Liu, Yale professor Amy Chua, famous designer Diane von Furstenberg and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

According to Kidman, she is deeply touched by the lesbian love in the movie and thinks both of the leading actresses are very commendable of their fascinating acting in expressing the conserved and restrained love in the film. Though for Nicole, it is a small pity that she hadn’t got the opportunity to play in the movie as her husband Hugh Jackman had done.

When the movie was over, Nicole Kidman was the first to stand up from her seat and came on the stage to hug Li Bingbing and praised her acting in the movie quite enthusiastically. In the later interview, Nicole admitted this was the first time for her to meet Li Bingbing, “Honestly speaking, I have not seen much of Chinese films. But after seeing Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, I think the Chinese actors are as good as Hollywood actors.” Nicole also admitted that she had exchanged phone number with Li Bingbing and she added, “I know Bingbing is already a very big star in Asia. I like her a lot and hope in future we can have the opportunity to become ‘lesbians’ together and never separate.” 

The Oscar-winning British actor Ben Kingsley also came to the movie premier. Though Kingsley has rarely praised other films, he called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan the best Chinese film in highest quality he had seen in recent years and he added, “The most valuable thing about this movie is the true feelings it delivers and the director us very is very sincere in creating this movie.” At the reception after the premier, Ben Kingsley commended Li Bingbing’s performance in this film, “She acts in a highly accurate way that you can hardly pick out any fault. She is one of best actresses I have ever seen.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream American media also give favorable comments on this movie and Li Bingbing’s acting in it.

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