Friday, July 22, 2011

Various Beautiful Shoes Help Office Ladies Create the Perfect Temperament

As a confident and independent office lady, you not only need to have aristocratic temperament deep down inside you but also a right pair of women's shoes outside. Perfect costume will give you more confidence to become a more successful office lady.

Beaded wedge sandals with a bow and fish head design reflect its accurate understanding of fashion. Warm colored beads dotted with huge bow coupled with the unique shape of the galvanized wedge heels can catch all people’s eyes in a breathing moment.  

The traditional hollow design has formed a variety trends in different designers’ hands. This pair of fish head high heels will expose your carefully painted toenails through the fish head. The front part of it is designed hollowed out, creating a distinctive trend. The crossed thin straps extending to your ankle deliver glamorous charm that makes you a stunningly pretty girl. 

If you are fed up with rich colors and long for eager elegant light color. The pair in elegant color, without too much decoration, designed with T-type braided rope will visually lengthen your leg line and its appropriate high heels will make you more attractive.

This pair of beautiful high heels only will make you the focus of attention. The shoes are in the hottest stylish golden color, revealing your noble temperament with bright golden color shining in the sun. Thin straps twist into very complicated patterns with great style, coupled with the current popular transparent bag, your mood will be in candy colors.
If you want to delivers some style different from your colleagues, then you cannot miss this pair of lacquer leather high heels with double serpentine patterns which make it look obedient in golden light. You will show your glamorous charming inadvertently that is not too provocative, or too ordinary. You will only show your charming self when the time is right.

It only takes a three-dimensional bow to make the upper front part as lively as ever. This pair of fish head sandals leaves only a three-dimensional bow trying to fly free in the aid of its stylish use of materials that has both graceful lines and simple texture, making you feel this sweet romantic sensation surrounding around you.

Leopard pattern has always been popular in the fashion industry. Its use in this pair of sandals dotted with cute bows on its side which neutralize the wilderness of leopard patterns and add gentle flavor, making people cannot move their eyesight on your graceful style.

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