Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Dressed Stars at Glastonbury 2011

The most worthy of attending music festival – 2011 Glastonbury Festival finally arrives; celebrities from fashion and music industry all come to attend this grand festival. The UK's IT Girl Alexa Chung and supermodel Kate Moss also dress up for this event.
Alexa Chung’s this costume is a shoo-in for the festival’s best dressed – a boyfriend-style T-shirt coupled with her icon jeans plus a quite eye-catching leopard jacket and a unique diagonal mini-Chanel handbag, making Alexa perfectly stylish and chic in this star-studded festival.

The bride-to-be supermodel Kate Moss still keeps her habit of attending Glastonbury annually. But what is the dress code for supermodel at music festival? She does not need eye-catching belt, or denim shorts, a casually worn Balmain high-shoulder leather jacket is enough to make her own style. After all, the purpose of Kate Moss’ this trip is not to show herself, but to support the her husband Hince’s music career.

The endearing fairy Lily Donaldson’s style can be called “the uniform for attending 2011 Glastonbury Festival”. Plaid shirt coupled with sports jacket makes a double-layered look plus the fringe of the shorts waving in the wind and a tiny Mulberry handbag, the “Music Festival Fairy” comes into being.

You cannot be surprised to see Pixie Geldof’s appearance at the festival. With Bob Geldof as her famous British rock star dad, Pixie is a frequent guest in music festivals. Though not wearing bra may not be some good habit, the washed jeans and tiny Mulberry handbag are in a perfect match to show her individuality. 

With a striped shirt, a floral scarf and a pair of Hunter boots, British pop singer Will Young’s style is not exactly very flashy, but it is definitely the basic look to attend a music festival. 

As the famous photographer Mario Testino’s nominal daughter, British It Girl Alice Dellal shows up at the music festival in a totally punk style. The supermodel is famous for taking away the spokesperson spot of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur from Kate Moss. Usually Alice’s daily dress can not do without the leather jacket and thick-bottomed boots. This appearance may not include her iconic “Two-in-one Hairstyle”, but Diesel jeans coupled with bosom jacket is worth a thumb up. 

Billie Piper, who owns the title of “Little Princess” in British pop music industry, is fond of quite and sweet style. Though the white knit shirt combined with black stitching skirt may seem too simple for the festival, it is still a great choice to stick with her style.

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