Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lady Gaga’s Taiwan Tour in the Most Popular Chinese Mix and Match Style

Newly titled as “Fashion Icon” by CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc.), Lady Gaga arrived in Taiwan last weekend for her latest album publicity. Her Chinese mix and match style look make everybody quite impressed!

During her stay in Taiwan, Lady Gaga once again plays her charm to the fullest, not only greeting her fans in Chinese but also dresses up in mix and match of Chinese and Western style. Gaga chooses a Chinese collar petticoat with a plaid suit designed by Shiatzy Chen and shows off this proud costume on her twitter later. 

The classic combination of white and black diamond pattern coupled with black leggings, sun glasses, clutch bag and shoes, plus the highlight of gold topknot and necklace, making Lady Gaga’s look as chic as ever. 

International sensation and famous American performer Lady Gaga arrives at Taiwan with her new album “Born This Way” to initiate her tour in Taiwan, China from July 1 to 4. This 4 days plus 3 nights publicity tour also includes a small concert held in Taichung. Lady Gaga never disappoint her fans in her unique style with exaggerated costume, this tour is no exception. On arrival at Taiwan, Lady Gaga set about her music tour as well as her costume tour. From perspective dress to suit in leopard pattern, Lady Gaga exudes charm as she always do in her every appearance, keeping stunning Taiwan people and making the whole island go absolutely crazy for her, even the mayor of Taichung City joins the rank of her fans. Now let us review some of her classic looks on this tour. 

Designed with almost transparent black crepe and sexy square bosom paste, this suit is standard Gaga style. Even little boys cannot help but fall for her incredible personal charisma. 

In addition, her look on the airport with Chanel bag in hand and a yoga nappa bag from Versace autumn and winter carried, plus the leopard pattern suit makes everything around her so stylish that you can feel the total star vibe.  And don't forget those platform heels.

And this little girl look wearing camellia as her topknot coupled with sexy classic black and white match makes us gasp that the goddess is after all the goddess which can only be worshipped but never imitated. Lady Gaga, this legendary woman will always makes fashion highlights wherever she goes.

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