Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gaga Strikes out Again -- Dressed up as an Onion in a Japanese Talk Show

According to Japanese media, the U.S. pop singer Lady Gaga visited to Japan earlier this week and made her appearance at the Japanese comprehensive talk show “Tesuko no Heya” which will be shown on TV later this month. Lady Gaga made her debut on Japanese talk show in an “onion style” dress, plus her ultra-high platform shoes and the rocket hairstyle, creating a whole costume as high as two meters and stunning the Japanese host. 

It is reported that Lady Gaga’s this onion costume is made entirely of black leather group and in order to fix the shape of the costume, a piece of leather has to be added in the costume to support it. The platform shoes Lady Gaga wore that day are as high as 40cm, designed by a Japanese friend designer. And the green long hair specially designed for the Japan tour was changed into a rocket style that day. The whole costume reached the height of 2 meters and made staff around has to look up at Lady Gaga. During the interview, Lady Gaga kept taking host Tetsuko for surprises. When Lady Gaga said she had prepared some gifts for the host, she pulled some candies out of her rocket hair, making the host shout out “I cannot believe how cute it is.” Lady Gaga also added that she had stored a lot of candies in her hair that she specially prepared for Japanese children. 

During the program, host Tetsuko asked Lady Gaga how she can create such different music being raised up in a very strict family environment. Lady Gaga said, “Music and the market need to get rid of the fixed concept. In the beginning, my costume is always laughed at by others but now gradually more and more people find them sexy.” And when asked if her family was worried, Lady Gaga also admitted frankly that sometimes they would worry but they always stuck together and her strict father had begun to understand the real her.

In addition, Lady Gaga also introduced to the host that the title song of her third album “Born this way” was actually written according to what her mom taught her. Lady Gaga said: “Without my mom, I would’ve never become who I am now. In high school, I was always bullied by my classmates but my mother kept encouraging me.”

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