Monday, July 25, 2011

Create Your Retro Ladylike Look with Elegant High Heels

Do you always envy those actresses in the retro television series, who are stepping in a pair of old-fashioned high heels but still look so elegant? Now you can create your own retro ladylike look instantly as long as you put on an elegant pair of high heels that not only has retro design but is extremely chic in today’s fashion. 

To create a retro but elegant ladylike look, one sweet pair of high heels will do perfectly. The all-time favorite toe-peep high heels can display best the fascinating gentle temperament of yours. You can choose some bright-colored nail polish for this pair, making you look totally chic even in every detail. 

What beats the elegant peep-toe high heels in simple but stylish design to bring out the most fashionable you? The red pair can make you like a noble heritress of some ancient French chateau while the black pair brings out your enigmatic and sexy side just as a mysterious cat lady. Coupled with a pair of simple denim jeans and some dark nail polish, your sexy vibe may make you the next James Bond lady. 

If you are planning to make yourself more charming and mature, here is something you cannot miss. Sexy high heels coupled with firm thick bottom, this pair of high heels make sure that you can show your straight leg line perfectly. Best choice for office ladies who enjoy envious look from colleagues. 

With this pair on, you can easily find your self exuding elegance in every step you walk. Your irresistible charm can be completely brought out by this pair of shoes coupled with a pair of denim leisure jeans. The high heels help make your legs look more slender, ensuring your sexy elegance delivered to everyone around you. 

Top quality leather paired with lining pad inside, this pair is perfectly airy and absorbent. You can feel the great comfort wearing it. Even for commuting office ladies, this model can make them reassured of a good mood. You can match this type with a simple shirt or a pair of tight-bottom denim pants, creating a chic sweet lady effortlessly. With this pair’s great design with great look and its “go with everything” trait, making sure you can wear them for a worry free and comfortable walk outside. 

This classic type in all black color has the most elegant element in it that makes every girl can not help but love. Once you put on this pair of simple-designed black stiletto, you can feel immediately that you have turned into an aristocratic lady from a royal family. Designed with The shiny but delicate accessory of elegant crystal and luxurious golden lock, its refined details of this model will definitely make you feel under the spotlight every minute you wear it.

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