Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spotted on the Scene of Gossip Girls – Queen B VS Queen S

The shooting of the new season of Gossip Girl is in full swing and the most attraction that draws the media attention is the look of Queen B and Queen S. Though Leighton Meester showed up in luxuriously extravagant look in her typical style of Blair Waldorf, Blake Lively still continued her daily style that shows her sexiness best and the sequined bare-midriff is great highlight of her whole look. 

In the Season 5 of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester’s queen style in the Upper East Side of New York as Blair Waldorf shows out her gorgeous look and elegant temperament with her printed blouse with flower patters. And the handbag with large bow design and thin leather strap shows best her ladylike style in full grace. Plus, the green color matches with the whole look, impressing people with a refreshing style with perfect elegance. 

This printed blouse can show her feminine style best as well as bring out her sexy style with the contrast of multiple floral colors and black lines. Leighton Meester chose a pair of loose pants in the color of Khaki in design of wide bottoms to match the floral blouse. This kind of dress code which is tight in the upper part and wide in the lower part can deliver best both her perfect figure and great temperament, showing out both her sides of sexiness and elegance. 

Blake Lively walks while checking her messages – might they from the Mr. Hottie? Blake is obviously enjoying her romantic relationship in recent days and their frequent street snapshots with Leonardo seem to have declared to the public their sweet romance. This bare-midriff of Serena from the drama is very eye-catching. Renowned around the world for her sexy style, the Queen S seems to have a more and more similar style in her fashion with Blake Lively herself.

How can the fashion queen Serena of the Upper East Side of New York miss the most popular trailing dress in this season? Her simple shirt coupled with sequined dress makes a leisure style that also brings out the sexiness of Blake Lively. In addition, the pair of flip-flops adds more casual feelings to her whole look. The sequined design of the dress leaves people a sleek and dazzling impression, making her look gorgeous and smoking hot in perfect style.

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