Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leopard-Patterned Rivet Strap High-Top Canvas Shoes

With summer nearly passed by entirely and the autumn coming soon, leopard pattern will be popular again, sweeping the market in designs of clothes and accessories such as handbags and even cheap shoes. Here we present you a model of leopard-patterned canvas cheap shoes in design of high top and platforms with chic leather straps dotted with the currently most popular rivets. With this pair of high-top platform canvas cheap shoes in leopard patterns on this autumn, you will definitely go through an autumn in perfectly chic style smoothly. 

This model of canvas cheap shoes incorporates some of the most popular fashion elements that are at the top trend line, including the leopard pattern, which fits best in cool autumn and will keep you warm in style throughout this autumn. In addition, the double leather straps with metal buckle and chic rivets on are totally unique and bring out your own independent style with perfect grace. 

The high-top design of this pair of canvas cheap shoes is generally the favorite type of girls. And the best bonus of canvas cheap shoes is the shoelaces that can be designed at your will in various styles to suit your look and match your dress code. In addition, the chic leather straps with shiny rivets are totally eye-catching with gorgeous luster in full elegance, coupled with the glittery metal buckle, delivering the most dazzling luster in this bleak autumn and therefore boosting your mood considerably. 

Plus, unlike traditional high-top canvas cheap shoes, which are generally flat shoes types. This model of leopard-patterned high-top canvas cheap shoes is designed in platforms, which are extremely chic with simple lines on. Imported from South Korea, this model of high-top canvas cheap shoes is great for tiny-statured girls with the stylish platform soles which will make you look tall as well as walk comfortably and effortlessly. 

This model of high-top canvas cheap shoes is available in two types of leopard patterns. One is the black and white kind, which will remind you of the patterns of a cow – making you look both chic and cute with its adorable patterns. And the black and white color is absolutely elegant that fits any girl pursuing chic and graceful style. The other type of this model is designed in the typical leopard pattern in its original color. Plus, the leather straps are in the original leather color instead of white in the other model, which makes this pair of canvas cheap shoes wilder in its style.

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